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Remanufactured 650 cfm, manual choke Edelbrock carburetor P/N 1905

Remanufactured 650 cfm, manual choke Edelbrock carburetor P/N 1905

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Edelbrock Satin 650 CFM AVS2 Series Carburetor with a Manual Choke.

If you’re restoring or revamping a classic vehicle, make sure you boost your power and performance while you’re at it to get the ride quality you desire. This next generation 650 CFM AVS2 Carburetor (P/N: 1905) features Manual Choke and the latest technology to ensure smooth shifts from idle to thrust and improve overall cruising performance.

The AVS 2 Series carburetor features annular flow primary boosters with a new calibration for improved off-idle and cruising. The booster design provides improved fuel atomization, which eliminates “flat spots” that can occur when the carburetor transitions from idle to full throttle. Each booster has eight equally spaced holes for improved fuel metering from idle to main, which makes this carburetor ideal for a variety of small-block and big-block engines with dual or single plane intake manifolds.

Carburetor 1905 Features:
- Annular Flow Boosters in the Primary Venturis
- Improved Atomization (Eliminates Flat Spots)
- Eight Equally Spaced Orifices
- Cone-Shaped Spray of Fuel into the Primary Venturi
- Smooth Throttle Response from Idle to Full Throttle
- Cast and Machined in the USA!
- Factory set; adjustments are rarely needed
- Serviceable without draining fuel or removing carb
- Two-piece design - no gaskets below the fuel level

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